IRIS Season 2 : New Generation 2013 Mp4 Sub Indo

by keroro on 11:16 PM, 17-Jun-13

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Judul : IRIS Ⅱ : New Generation
Judul Lain : 아이리스 / Airiseu / IRIS
Genre : Action, mystery, thriller, romance
Sutradara : Takashi Kubota
Penulis : Jo Gyu-won
Pemeran : Jang Hyuk,Lee Da-hae,Lee Beom-soo,Im Soo-hyang,Yoon Doo-joon,Lee Joon,Kim Yeong-cheol
Rilis : 13 February 2013

Sinopsis :
The sequel opens three years after the unsolved demise of the first installment's hero, NSS agent Kim Hyun-jun (Lee Byung-hun).
NSS Task Force A Team Head Jung Yoo-gun (Jang Hyuk) and his team are busy trying to unveil the true identity behind the secret organization IRIS while also acting as bodyguards at a South and North Korea summit. Operative Jung must also transport rogue NSS director Baek San (Kim Yeong-cheol) to safety, but is ambushed by IRIS and mysteriously disappears. He is presumed killed in action.
Later, upon the sudden return of Jung, fellow NSS agent and love interest Ji Soo-yeon (Lee Da- hae) discovers that his disappearance is all part of a large- scale conspiracy.

Episode 01 : WL | TF | SB | UP

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13 responses to "IRIS Season 2 : New Generation 2013 Mp4 Sub Indo"

Suhendi kenzi [11:53 PM, 17-Jun-13]

nyimak aja pak

PEMALU [12:15 AM, 18-Jun-13]

Ane nyimak aja bang!

Moh Shodhiq [01:08 AM, 18-Jun-13]

dr jdulx aj srem. "IRIS"

Ahmad Zaehahn [08:19 PM, 18-Jun-13]

wuih ,muanteb neh . . .

Ignatius reynaldo [08:28 PM, 19-Jun-13]

Lagi gak bisa download file gajah gan


Rifaldi [05:25 AM, 20-Jun-13]

Hadir gan , maaf telat

Ricky Cobain [01:50 PM, 20-Jun-13]

kunjungan malem sob biggrin
Keren postingan'y biggrin

klu da waktu mampir yach razz

Visit: http://

mrgreen twisted arrow redface evil rolleyes wink idea lol cry biggrin exclaim question smile : ( surprised eek confused 8) mad neutral razz

iwan [05:08 AM, 23-Jun-13]

gan request death note dari episode 1 smile

abu hasan [12:00 PM, 23-Jun-13]

nyimak aja dulu

Dian last friend 73 [06:09 AM, 25-Jun-13]

saya nyimak aja sob smile

Allan Wijaya [10:48 PM, 25-Jun-13]

Mantap. Gan". . . Sukses buat Blog and Admin x". . . Jngan lupa Kunbal x". . biggrin hehe

Dedyd [06:58 AM, 26-Jun-13]

malam sobat ,.,.
Wah ,., keren post'nya ,.,.
Mga succes slalu y blog'nya ,.,., !! smile

Muhammad Arbain [03:51 AM, 27-Jun-13]

aku ambil sob. . . .

Slm kenal yaa. . . .

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